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Welcome to Champlain Music Ensemble!
Are you planning a wedding or event?
Give us a call! We can help find you the perfect ensemble for your special occasion.
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Live music adds style and elegance to any event, and Champlain Music Ensemble specializes in providing small, intimate chamber ensembles that create the perfect atmosphere for any celebration. Owners Anne-Marie Tranchida (cello) and Harry Hassell (flute) have played hundreds of weddings and events in their 20 years of playing together and are committed to making your special day exciting and memorable.


The Cello/Flute combination is an extremely versatile option for smaller events, be it a wedding ceremony, reception, office party, or intimate dinner party. For even more variety, Champlain Music Ensemble can be augmented by one or more players to make a bigger splash at your event. Other options include Flute/Violin/Cello trio or String Quartet, and any ensemble can be augmented with harp, guitar, or trumpet for an extra special touch. Our extensive repertoire list is constantly expanding, and we are happy to accommodate unique tastes and special requests.


Intimate, charming, personable and portable, Champlain Music knows the ideal way to add a touch of class to any event!

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